Helen Crathorne Title:

John Gaughan

From his early teens John Gaughan decided that he wanted to be a singer/songwriter and aim for the very top in the world of popular music.  By the time he was nineteen he had achieved that goal.  He was rubbing shoulders with the most successful writers and publishers of the day and singing with the top stars of the 60's and early 70's.

On the face of it he had everything, but there was one problem, an emptiness inside that was increasingly being satisfied by alcohol.  Eventually Johns dependence on alcohol took over and within a few years he was a broken man, in body soul and spirit.  He reached a point of total desperation and tried to end it all by throwing himself from an attic window.

During this time many people called to see John, but the only person he could remember was a man from a local church who spoke to him about Jesus.  A week after one of these visits, John accepted Jesus as Lord of his life and so began the miraculous rebuilding of his life; broken bones healed and total deliverance from his acute alcoholism.

For the last fifteen years or so John has been given songs by the Lord and his hearts desire is to touch people's lives through testimony and song; to bridge the gap between the world and the church and to draw people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour.